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Maino Feat. T-Pain: All The Above (No Hook) [Arbeezy Feat. Zach Calvo] Mp3 Download

  • Maino feat. T-Pain: All The Above (No Hook) [Arbeezy feat. Zach Calvo]
  • Arbeezy
  • 128 kbps
  • 3:13 Min
  • 2.92 MB
  • 29862

We provide download of "Maino feat. T-Pain: All The Above (No Hook) [Arbeezy feat. Zach Calvo]".mp3 absolutely free, song is uploaded by "Arbeezy", having size of "2.92 MegaBytes", bitrate is "128 kbps" and time duration is "3:13 minutes", as of now it is listened by 29862 times.
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Disclaimer: Reason for no hook is that SoundCloud keeps on deleting my upload due to copyrights with Maino's record label or something like that so I had to take it out. Link to video with hook: So here is my remix to Maino's All The Above feat. T-Pain, which features Zach Calvo who adds his verse to this remix I did. Hope you enjoy and give me feedback! This is the first legitimate song I recorded that is focused on my rapping as opposed to the covers I've been doing. Follow me on Twitter: Follow Zach on Twitter: Lyrics to Each Verse: Arbeezy Verse (Listen) They say it can't be done, I showed them up I proved them wrong Taking down everything in my way, you know I'm army strong Climbing to the top of the mountain, you gotta feed me more Now what you waiting for, come at me bro, let's end the score Don't you hide or I'll pounce at you like a rabid wolverine It's all in or get out, you don't want me to make a scene You can't stop me, I spit bars out like a well oiled machine I'm God, I'm always winning HA! oh wait I'm Charlie Sheen Got nothing on me cause I'm the "King of Kings" with a pedigree Roasting all you wannabes and burning you down to the third degree Turning up the beast mode; all the ladies can't stop looking I'm whippin' out the sweet rhymes; Do smell what I been cookin? I do it just "LIKE MIKE" cause I'm a young Asian dude in his prime I'm not afraid to lay down the law and go Busta Rhymes (bust some rhymes) Gonna change it up cause I'm done with the same old same old shit Cause I'll rise from above the hate! I'm a fighter...I DON'T QUIT! Zach's Verse Zachary Calvo on another cover Going fast we burning rubber Looking good like Justin Bieber Guess you peeps got "Zachy Fever" If you're sick I'll be your doctor Let me check your temperature I can rap so silky smooth But you're just stiff like furniture For sure it takes a lot of work to be the best and pass life's tests But you gotta strive to achieve and through your hard work you will receive The best things that this life can give but make sure you give thanks to God Because only he can forgive your sins and only then can you truly live Life's a game that is hard to win but faith and work will help you soar Above the entire world you couldn't even ask for more Like a basketball player dribbling down the court Pull a jumper in your face The game is done we won the race Just face it son you're second place But I never forget from where I came Get down on my knees and just pray Blessed to say that I live this life with a God who loves I'm winning,singing, living, breathing, playing. I'm loving life and all of the above. I do not own the copyrights to the song as it belongs to Maino and his record label Atlantic. This song was released on February 17, 2009 and this is used for personal viewing enjoyment and meant not to be used for profit.

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