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Justin Bieber - Sorry (DONALD TRUMP Parody) Mp3 Download

  • Justin Bieber - Sorry (DONALD TRUMP Parody)
  • Peter Coffin
  • 192 kbps
  • 2:51 Min
  • 3.91 MB
  • 5036975

We provide download of "Justin Bieber - Sorry (DONALD TRUMP Parody)".mp3 absolutely free, song is uploaded by "Peter Coffin", having size of "3.91 MegaBytes", bitrate is "192 kbps" and time duration is "2:51 minutes", as of now it is listened by 5036975 times.
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Is it too late for Donald Trump to say "sorry?!" A lol parody of Donald Trump's ridiculous and reactionary presidential run. watch HOW DONALD TRUMP WON: ***************************************** You've reached the channel of Peter Coffin, satirist and weirdo. Whether you are looking for a funny documentary or my wife and I's series ADVERSARIES, please subscribe so you don't miss any and leave a message at the beep. BEEEEEEEEEP. ★Subscribe NOW! ★BECOME A PATRON! FOLLOW PETER ON: ★TWITTER: ★MEDIUM: @petercoffin ★FACEBOOK: website: ***************************************** LYRICS: Let's build a wall and pretend that this all is just honesty Donald Trump is so blunt and plain outright with all of his bigotry disparaging women is something the Donald does happily also if you liked world war two I should hope that you're ready for three It's not like Trump has called Muslims all bad only once or twice Or ever mentioned Mexican people in a favorable light No both should be banned, see, he wants better safety but only for whites But what to do when his act gets no more chances? Yeah Is it too late for Trump to say sorry? Cause Apprentice dumped Trump at NBC, ohh Is it too late now to say sorry? Miss Universe was taken down Is it too late to say he's sorry now? Remember when the worst we knew about Trump was that awful hair The things we've learned should keep him out of the oval office chair Or really any office chair that just really would not be fair Can we all just say the word, he's a fascist? Yeah Is it too late now to say sorry? For reminding people of Nazis ohh Is it too late now to say sorry? He's in too deep to just disavow Is it too late to say sorry now? What happens when you offend the whole country? (oh, no, no) And your business still has to make money (it's funny), ohh Is it too late now to say sorry? All this shit came out his mouth think it's too late to say sorry now. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Next watch: "The NRA's Pro-Trump Ad (ADVERSARIES No. 6)" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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